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Angel Super Alcohol Active Dry Yeast (Saccharine Base)

High Alcohol Yeast

Product Introduction
Angel Yeast

The product is made of specifically selected high-quality alcohol yeast strains with compound nutrient agents and is applicable to the ethanol production that adopts molasses, sugarcane juice, beet juice, sweet sorghum and other saccharine materials, as well as the separation and purification of oligosaccharide products as oligoisomaltose etc.; the product will immediately restore the normal cell status after rehydration, with the characteristics of being osmophilic, ethanol tolerance (15% v/v), acid tolerance (pH3.5), fast fermentation etc.

Product Characteristics

  1. Multi-strain improve the fermentation ability
  2. High invertase; fast transforming cane sugar to monosaccharide
  3. Strong zymase activity, fast and complete fermentation, strong fermentation ability, less residual sugar and high alcohol productivity. The speed of sugar reduction and ethanol production is obviously higher than general alcohol yeast
  4. High osmotic pressure tolerance
  5. Ethanol tolerance: greater than or equal to 15%(v/v)
  6. Temperature tolerance: The optimal fermentation temperature is 93°F - 97 °F (34-36°C), normal ferementation can be realised at 100°F (38°C),
  7. pH tolerance: The appropriate fermentation pH value is 4.2-4.5; normal ferementation can be realised when pH value is 3.5-6.5, the ferementation will be basically stopped when pH value is below 3