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Angel Super Alcohol Active Dry Yeast (Starch Base)

High Alcohol Yeast

Product Introduction
Angel Yeast

The product is made of specifically selected high-quality alcohol yeast strains with compound nutrient agents and is applicable when adopt corn, wheat, cassava and rice as raw materials for alcohol high gravity fermentation. The product can shorten the fermentation time and realize the ferementation of alcohol with high concentration.

Applicable raw materials: Rice, Corn, Wheat and Cassava other starch based materials.

Product Characteristics

  1. Ethanol tolerance: less than or equal to 23%(v/v)
  2. Temperature tolerance: 80°F - 108°F (28-42°C), the optimal fermentation temperature is 90°F - 93 °F (32-34°C)
  3. pH tolerance: 3.5-5.5, the optimal fermentation pH is 4.5-5.5

Advantages of high gravity ferementation

  1. Reduce energy consumption. Upon the verification the alcohol content is increased by 10% and the steam consumption is reduced by about 300 kgs
  2. Reduce process water consumption, reduce 1-2 tons for each ton of alcohol and reduce waste water treatment cost
  3. Very low residual sugar and starch
  4. Improve equipment efficiency
  5. Faster fermentation