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Angel provides its natural, safe and high quality brewing yeast and technical services for the global market. The products undergo the strict control on the material and processing. The company provides the appropriate products and services for fuel ethanol, alcohol, wine, beer and other distilling and brewing liquor, and develop the products or technical support to satisfy the unique requirements of customers.

Angel brewing and distilling products include: Super Alcohol Active Dry Yeast, Thermal-tolerant Alcohol Active Dry Yeast, Wine Active Dry Yeast, Beer Active Dry Yeast and Leaven.

Angel Super Alcohol Yeast has been successfully used for high-concentration fermentation process (greater than or equal to 18%v/v), which has achieved significant results in fuel ethanol production. Angel has established good relationship with China's fuel ethanol manufacturers and now supplies the products to them using the starch and molasses as the fermentation material, and is making large efforts in developing the yeast product used for cellulosic alcohol fermentation.

We have collected variety of natural wine strains which are suitable for fermenting production of red wines, sparkling wines and brandies with the ability to stabilise the wine colors and improve the quality. The products have won approvals from the winery and experts in France, Spain, Chile and Italy.